Who are we

Instituto San Ángel del Sur/ Who are we?

We are an educational institution characterized by being a dynamic system which promotes curiosity, experimentation, questioning, team-work, and critical thinking considering personal interests and students abilities, focusing on a customized education in diverse areas such as physical, emotional, technological, thinking, and financial and entrepreneurship, from Elementary to High School.
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+50 years

Active in education


We prepare the youngs through an “All-round Education” to face life-challenges and to accompany their career choice taking into consideration their special skills, abilities, and needs. We lead the excellence in education that the wold requires nowadays.


Being an Institution that leads the education of young entrepreneurs offering the best quality academic formation by an educational model of excellence and continuous improvement driving the holistic development to achieve flourishment on the human being in order to build a better society.


We’ve built our philosophy based on values, which allows us to develop our teenagers’ strengths, and to regain the worthy formal education.

Educational Model

Bilingual Active Education, is a model characterized by developing curiosity, experimentation, questioning, and team-work in learning for each subject, taking into consideration your own persona to push you up to success. 

Throw your path with us, you will accomplish different projects in each subject and among them, that will help you to build personal meaning to your knowledge and skills. 

We focus on a personalized education so that we don’t have groups over 18 students, that’s because we are worried about developing your social, physical, emotional, technological, entrepreneur, and thinking skills. You will be surprised that you are going to enjoy something that you maybe think you are not able to do or you don’t even like! 

You will work through digital educational platforms so it is important that you bring your own laptop every day, teachers use it to assign digital activities. 

We will lead you to your full development, making education something attractive in a nice and collaborative environment.  

And, the best of all is that we won’t give you any homework! Because we make sure that you’ll have enough practice so you don’t need more mandatory activities at home. You will have your afternoon free to do activities you love or to share time with your family. 

“We are looking for students interested in their full skills development! We are waiting for you!”


Business School

Inserted in our curricular program from Elementary School to Prepa, we are distinguished by developing an entrepreneurial spirit, promoting a unique experience where our students develop their creativity and thinking skills to raise their leadership and self-security to face the labour work which requires a lot of competitive and specific skills. We prepare our students to lead, to collaborate, and to have a positive impact on their persona and in society. Our program adds in special subjects during the daily schedule such as managing, accounting, finance, marketing, strategy, education for life, tech-learning, photography, speaking, social media, and a long etcetera. During our program, students are able to create a product or company which sums up all those skills and knowledge in a theoretical-practice way. That brings a lot of sense to the learning process.



Trust in us when we say that we will help you every time you need it. In case you feel uncomfortable or doubtful, please talk with any of our directors, assistants, or coordinators to help you as soon as possible.



You’ll be the centre of the educational process, we use active techniques to the modern school.



You’ll be the centre of the educational process, we use active techniques to the modern school.



For us, learning English is more than just exams and grades. It´s about having the confidence to communicate and access a lifetime of enriching experiences and opportunities.