Elementary School

Instituto San Ángel del Sur/ Elementary School

All-round education

Elementary School in Instituto San Ángel del Sur was created as an educational challenge to give our students a formation based on the concept “all-round education” which makes emphasis on personal and social development. We work projects in an interdisciplinary way but keeping consistency between the academic contents and teaching methodology. 


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“Trust in us when we say that we will help you every time you need it. In case you feel uncomfortable or doubtful, please talk with any of our directors, assistants, or coordinators to help you as soon as possible”.



Educational project

Our project has as an aim to raise emotionally strong and confident children with abilities that make them able to face this changing world, full of challenges, without forgiving humanity, play-time and personal balance. 

Bilingual Active Education is characterized by being a dynamic system, which allows curiosity, questioning, and searching. Learning is based on experiences, team-work, and the development of analytic thinking, considering individual interests and skills; we focus on personalized education.  

Students write their own school experiences.

Build a bond between children and maths.

Educational experiences oriented to keep in touch with nature.

Given by themselves to allow questioning, searching, and sharing with an audience..

To give the students the opportunity to express their feelings, thoughts,  and ideas.

It allows students to be aware of the social environment and their place in the school.

Light backpack

No homework

We know that’s very important to do other activities apart from school so that we promote a NO HOMEWORK POLICY to promote reading, searching culture, and classwork. 

We have personal lockers for all the students. 

The student is the centre of the educational process, we use active techniques to the modern school: 


Entrepreneurship generating products made by themselves such as glasses cleaner, chocolate bars, slime, and others.

ISAS Celebrations

They have as aim being formers in the physical, intellectual, and social development, and they allow to strengthen friendship bonds.  


Spelling Bee


Scholar harmony

Dancing show

Open Class

Christmas Fest

Academic trips


We prepare the youngs through an “All-round Education” to face life-challenges and to accompany their career choice taking into consideration their special skills, abilities, and needs. We lead the excellence in education that the wold requires nowadays.


Being an Institution that leads the education of young entrepreneurs offering the best quality academic formation by an educational model of excellence and continuous improvement driving the holistic development to achieve flourishment on the human being in order to build a better society.


We’ve built our philosophy based on values, which allows us to develop our teenagers’ strengths, and to regain the worthy formal education.